Redeem your free beginner video voucher

Voucher Redeem

We’ve partnered with kitesurfing schools across the world to offer supported learning for their students – that’s why you’ve been given a voucher code to redeem for a free premium Progression instructional video.

Your free video will enhance your learning by offering detailed high quality instruction that will help cement what you have learnt in your lessons.

How to redeem your voucher

If you have any issues then please get in touch

  1. Download the Progression Player App - IOS or Android
    (this is where you will viewing your free video after following this process)
  2. Set up your Progression Profile within the App
    (to allow us to credit the voucher code to you)
  3. Go online to the redeem voucher page
  4. Login with your Progression Profile and enter your voucher code
  5. Open the App again, make sure you are logged in, download your Beginner video and enjoy

What do you get?

Free Premium video

Progression’s Beginner Collection covers all the basics you need to know, in a series of in-depth videos from the equipment and terminology, launching and landing, through to your first runs up on a board. Your voucher allows you to choose any of these premium videos.

See the videos available

The App

Watching them digitally through our Progression Player App, our videos can be viewed offline allowing you to re-cap and refer back to even from the beach. Using our tried and tested Progression Method to demonstrate all the key elements in kitesurfing techniques, you’ll find that using the videos alongside your lessons will help you learn quicker, safer and easier.

Download the player app

Next Steps

Once you have finished your lessons and find you are progressing, our videos can take you through each stage getting you through your first jumps, learning new tricks and as far as you want to go. Check out our blog for tips, interviews and articles along the journey and relish in your new kite life!

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