Water Re-Launch & Self Rescue 14 minutes

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About this video

Understand the general technique of how to relaunch your kite and the common issues you may encounter. Learn to identify and manage the scenarios that require a self-rescue.


Crashing your kite into the water and having to relaunch it on your own, is an inevitable part of kitesurfing. But modern kites are designed with this in mind and by understanding and following the techniques for your style of kite its doesn’t need to be stressful.

Sometimes it won’t be possible to re-launch the kite – maybe the wind has dropped, there is a strong tide, or your kite is damaged. In this scenario, it will be necessary to self-rescue by gathering and controlling your kite and lines in preparations for swimming ashore or being rescued.

Understanding and practice of kite re-launch and self-rescue will give you further confidence to go out and ride knowing that you can safely come ashore whatever happens to you or your equipment.

Location: Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

Rider: Christian Harris / Kev Biles

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