Riding & Control Introduction 7 minutes

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Everything you need to get comfortable riding a strapless surfboard is outlined in this introductory video along with some key help with getting your feet in the correct position on the board.


Riding a surfboard strapless may seem easy or trivial to some people but coming from a strapped board, being able to maintain control at speed and in unstable conditions, can be hard to do consistently. The last thing any of us wants is to be dropping down the face of a wave and realising our board is no longer under our feet!

This introduction video will look at what we will learn in this Riding & Control collection - getting up on the board with watertarts and the step on beach start; an in-depth look at your stance, on a strapless surfboard, and how to control speed; how to get over both unbroken and broken waves. We'll also look at the difference between riding strapped and strapless, some thoughts on kite power and finally helpful tips on your foot positions.

Rider: Jalou Langeree

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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