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About this video

An introduction to the Beginner Collection of kiteboarding instructional videos. Get an overview of the techniques that you will learn across the full range of beginner videos. Along with how the Progression Method, our tried and tested formula for teaching, can help you master the basics of kiteboarding quickly, easily and safely.


Kitesurfing is Easy! Don’t get put off by images of the pro’s doing death-defying stunts. This is just one side of the sport, which in reality is that kitesurfing is accessible to everyone – men and women, young and old. You don’t even have to be super-fit, just be ready to take some lessons and learn the basics, then take to the water and start exploring the ocean. You’ll then become part of a community that stretches across the world, on every continent, and in every country.

The aim of this collection of video is not to replace lessons with a certified instructor. Kitesurfing will be dangerous if you have not learned the basics correctly, so ensure that you take lessons with one of the thousands of certified instructors around the world.

This collection of videos will refresh your memory of everything you learned under instruction and then move you forward towards intermediate level. We’ll highlight the mistakes, and issues you’ll encounter when working towards becoming a safe and confident kitesurfer. Also, try watching these videos before your first lesson, so everything isn’t completely new to you.

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