Getting out over Waves 20 minutes

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If you’re riding a surfboard then you’re gonna be riding in waves and the lack of footstraps can make getting out over these unstable lumps of water seem near impossible. But riding waves strapless is such an amazing feeling that you shouldn’t let the task of getting out over waves put you off. Like every part of this sport, it just takes some understanding, practice and a few mistakes before you’ll be staring down a wall of whitewater without a care in the world!


This video will cover both unbroken waves but also whitewater and we'll introduce the many techniques that will show you how you can maintain your board speed without losing control of your board.

What are first can seem an impossible task will become second nature and hinges on 3 simple steps synchronizing your kite, body, and board - all covered here in this video.

Rider: Jalou Langeree

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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First Progression: Unbroken Waves
First Run Through
Key Elements: Kite & Bar
Key Elements: Board & Legs
Second Progression: Broken Waves & Whitewater
First Run Through
Key Elements: Kite & Bar
Key Elements: Board & Legs
Common Mistakes

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