Carving Turns Introduction 9 minutes

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Carving Turns are the foundation of any turn on a wave so learning to master them on water flat is the key. Start with gentle gybes, learn the foot change and then step up to power carving turns on your way to your first waves.


There are two version of carving turns that we will cover:

We can either change our feet first, before carving the board - what we call a toeside to heelside carve.

Or we change our feet after the carve - a heelside to toeside carve.

For both, we can do them as gybes, with less aggressive kite movements, and at lower speeds. And as we improve we’ll be able to start entering with more speed, flying the kite quicker and edging harder to perform powered carving turns.

Each of the variations is covered in its own video, allowing you to fully understand the intricacies of each, focusing on the parts that you need help with and easily find the common mistake that relates to your issues.

Rider: Oswald Smith / Dan Sweeney / Rob Claisse

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Supported by: Airush Kiteboarding

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