Body Dragging 13 minutes

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About this video

Learn the essential skill of body dragging. Taking you through your first experience of managing the kites power and equipping you with the necessary skill to mobilize yourself without a board.


When you learn to kitesurf your introduction to the true power of the kite will be using it to drag you downwind. It’s also a great way to build some confidence after your lessons or if you are now kiting with different equipment or at a new location. In the early days of learning, never be afraid to go back and do some body dragging at the beginning of a session to get used to the conditions and the kites speed and power.

Body Dragging is also essential as there will always be times, no matter how good you become, when you need to body drag to recover the board || or return to the beach in difficult conditions.

So in this video, we’ll first introduce you to body drags downwind before moving on to show you some tips to help body drag upwind and recover your board!

Location: Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

Rider: Christian Harris / Kev Biles / Rob Claisse

Techniques: Download Body Dragging / Upwind Body Dragging

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