Progression Live

About Our Coaching

Live is Progression’s personalised coaching camps from Rob Claisse and Danny Morrice.
We are two brits with over 30 years of combined experience of top-level kitesurfing and coaching. We don’t just have a passion for kitefoiling, we are obsessed with all things kitesurf related. This obsession has led us to analyse and break down every element of every discipline, every skill and trick to come up with a better way to help you reach your kitesurf ambitions and have more fun on the water.

Read on to find out more about why we coach the way we do and why you will benefit from working directly with us on one of our unique coaching camps, clinics or a private 1:1 session.

Rob and Danny – the ying and yang.

Rob is Mr Progression and if you’ve watched any of his videos you’ll know that clear logical, in-depth analysis and understanding is his angle for learning. Danny, on the other hand, is the Pro-athlete, able to pick up and understand complex techniques with an annoyingly intuitive and immediate graceful ability! They meet somewhere in the middle, with many a car journey or end of day beer having been shared where they discuss and revisit ideas and expectations on how to teach these new kitefoiling techniques. Never afraid to agree they’ve got it wrong they are always looking for the right way to teach you how to understand and master a trick or technique.

Tools of the Trade – 17 Years of Video Analysis

Seeing your mistakes is key but then you need to see the right way, from the right angle. On a camp, we are filming every day so we can better discover your mistakes, help you visualise them, and unique to Progression, 17 years of filming kite sport instructional videos means we have our huge library of multi-angle technique clips and tutorials, at our and your disposal throughout our camps.

This is a Coaching Camp – the holiday comes second

We want our camps to be fun and it is your holiday but we are serious about coaching, about making your a better kitefoiler and do that takes focus. – Focus from you and more importantly from us. Everything we do from the start of the camp to final breakfast is geared towards giving you access to our experience, for us to better understand how you learn and tailor an individual training program that suits you and help you reach your realistic goals. We’ll be the down the beach and coaching, filming and kiting as long as you want to stick with it, and always available every day whenever you have questions or just want to chat.