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Twintip or Surfboard

We’ve been making in-depth videos for over 12 years for twintip kiteboarders and now we are bring surfboard ridering with our kitesurfing videos and collections.


So many tricks and techniques to learn from waterstarts through to handle passes and we have you covered.


Let Progression help you master riding a surfboard with a kite. Get the confidence to full commit to a bottom turn and smack the lip.


Coming this summer, the definite series of videos to aid you in learning to tame a kite hydrofoil.

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Free Video Trick Library

We have a library of 200+ short videos offering tips for your next session, inspiration of what to try next along with our definition videos which help to explain the complexity of tricks & techniques.

Blog Articles

A wide range of topics covered for all levels, whether you want to learn something new, help with some of our favorite travel locations plus technical breakdown of kite related theory.


Don’t know where to start? Try one of our "Zones", pages highlighting the best content we have on offer across different areas of kiting.

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