img_0239On monday we got the call from Aaron to say he was back in Worthing and did we want to come film him. Hard to turn down any opportunity to film with the 5x World Champ!

Short on kit (due to the Fat Sand team being away in Canne) we pulled together some cameras and tripods, and myself and Will jumped in the van and headed down to Lancing to catch the end of low tide.

We were greeted by the ever enthusiastic Lewis Crathern and partner in crime Neal Hilder – Aaron’s buddies, Worthing heroes and UK champions. 7m’s were pumped, the sun was shining, waves were rolling in and everything was set for a perfect south coast session.

Our aim was to catch Aaron performing some of his newest tricks – heavily wakeboard inspired and taking advantage of the natural kickers, we were treated to the superspeedwhiptastic nuclear grabbed bel airs to blind and crow mobes which are motivating Aaron to go ride these days. He’s not landing these perfectly… yet… but its a great indication of where Aaron is heading with his riding.

So check out our video – including the tricks, the crashes and some personal commentary from Aaron himself on his Progression.

[youtube: 480 290 ]