At the end of last year, I teamed up with F-One so I’d have access to a wide range of top-class foils, both to aid me in my personal progression but also to ensure I could give you all access to these same products during our Progression Live Camps and Clinics. This spring and summer I’ll be out about in the UK with the F-One UK team giving you all the opportunity to come along and demo the full range of foils, boards and kites. F-One have 8 front wings, 3 rear wings, masts from 45-95cm across kite/surf/sup/wind and a large range of foilboards so its a great opportunity for any foiler to come along and try a different style of foil to what you normally ride.

Currently, we have 5 events planned, primarily on the South Coast of the UK but we’ll be going further afield in the summer and I hope to be touring around the UK hunting out new foiling spots and will always have a selection of foils in the van that people can try out. Don’t be afraid to ask me down the beach for a go!

Current Demo Days:

Click any of the above to go to the Facebook events page for that day and show your interest. That way we can keep you informed nearer the time of exact plans and locations depending on the wind and weather.

And obviously, this is a demo and we want as many people as possible to get out on the water and try the foils but we also want to ensure that it is as safe as possible. To that end, assuming we have the right weather conditions, please be aware of a few conditions that are required to demo any foil equipment:

  1. You must already have some foiling experience being able to ride back and forth and hold your ground upwind on a foil.
  2. You must have your own wetsuit, harness and it is your responsibility to wear a helmet and any suitable impact vest
  3. You must be a BKSA member or have suitable 3rd party liability insurance that covers kiteboarding. You MUST have your BKSA membership card with you (or 3rd party liability insurance certificate) to sign up to demo equipment.
  4. Demo’s will primarily be aimed at kite foilers – limited demos are available for those wanting to surf/sup/wind foil.

As well as being around to talk you through the equipment, I’ll also be able to give some inform foil coaching for anyone stuck on particular tricks and techniques and looking for some advice.