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Showing common mistakes that can be encountered when learning new tricks and techniques is a Progression trademark. It helps you visualise and understand what you may be doing wrong, helping you identify those small tweaks to your riding that can make that big difference.

Here is a quick overview of the main common mistakes for waterstarts:

1. Twisting in the water – you need to steady your kite at 12 by moving hands into centre and sheeting in, balance your foot pressure on both sides or take board off and start again

2. Not getting enough pull – you need to be more aggresive with the kite, steering your kite into the central power zone not at edge of the window, steer the kite slightly back one way first before you dip it fast down the other side of the window

3. Falling in backwards after first getting up – need to adjust stance as you may be leaning back too much, not directing the board downwind to get enough speed, legs may be too straight so your body can’t rock up easily

4. Getting pulled over the front – Too much weight over front foot so burying the board, need to keep back leg bent under your body and front leg only slightly straighter to direct board downwind, you may also not be continuing to fly the kite back up in figure of 8 leaving you with no power

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