We’ve got a new Android update for the Progression Player App, mainly to fix some annoying bugs but we couldn’t resist introduce a new feature too…

New Feature – Resume Playback

blog-android-v1.1How when you come back to the Player App and go to a video you’ll get the option to Resume Playback, allowing you to start watching from the point you were previous last at.

Bugs fixed:

  • Videos not playing fullscreen
  • “Can’t play video” bug when returning to the app
  • Change orientation or returning to the app, makes a paused video start playing
  • Parse error dialog when connecting to a public wifi

We hope this release, with the fixing of these bugs, will make the experience of watching and learning with Progression, far more enjoyable. Its available now in the Google Play Store.

All these bugs came from your support emails, so if you have any further questions, issues or feature requests please get in touch.